"It's like the High Ropes Courses kind of team-building and learning brought to your organization, without the ropes"
MOPS Int. Member, Arizona

"THIS IS PERFECT...We would like to invite you to train our student leaders again.  Our student leaders last year RAVED about the training and they felt prepared and successful after receiving your training...your suggestions are exactly what we need.  I appreciate your expertise and the way you role-model for us what needs to take place."
PV Community College

“I normally don’t like these getting to know you meetings-I loved this one!  Fun, fun, fun.
Anonymous participant comment card

“…enjoyed your team building activities…we learned a lot about each other through your techniques. It was truly one of the most fun and memorable meetings we had last year! I was hoping you would be a guest speaker this fall.  It will be a new group, most of them will not know each other, and I think your team building would help the group start building relationships quickly.” 
S.K. – West Coast



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